Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's try this again ~

Hello everyone!

I had hoped to get a blog facelift before beginning again... it's just not in the budget. Time or money. So, for now I will just give a short and sweet update of sorts.

When I was last blogging, we were jobless and living with the in-laws. Yep... for real. One of those challenges God allows you to go through to grow you. You know? Well, I wouldn't say that we grew as much as He would've liked us to, but I choose to believe that there was some growth. I just can't actually put my finger on it.

After 13 L.O.N.G. months, hubby took a job in Utah. A world away from the south. We may have lived in 5 states since our girlies were born but it was always in a southern state. However, we were so happy for him to have a job that we really didn't care anymore.

My blessings

The climate would be different and the culture would be different. We knew that. Lots of prayers went up about both of those! We moved a mere 2 weeks before school started last year. Our oldest was going to be a Sr. (I couldn't imagine much worse than starting a new school as a Sr.) and the youngest a Jr. It was rough for a bit but God was faithful. He got us into a brand new house in a great area of the Salt Lake Valley and gave us a mild winter.

          Wasatch Mountains                                                                 


             So excited to have lots of Canada geese up here!                                        

We have now lived here 13 months, hubby LOVES his job, our big girl is in college (3 1/2 hrs. away!) and our baby is a Sr. I am still a stay-at-home mom but desperately needing a job. That is the new focus. Ugh.

For now, here are some pics of where we are now in our lives...

The girls had to represent. ;-)

The family at Provo Falls

Our pretty boy ~ Zippy

Our weird but wonderful cat ~ Baby

One of my favorite of her Sr. pics

The first visit home from college...

(Forgive me for the funky spacing... got to get back in the swing of things.)

Until next time...

Enjoy your blessings!


Ginger said...

So glad to see you back! It looks like your family is thriving in the place where God has planted you! Praying for a job for you that's perfect for your new season of life.

Vicki said...

Oh my goodness! That is a huge change for your family. Glad to hear you've adjusted. Your girls are beautiful. So glad to hear your husband found a job. I'll be praying that you find one too. (And that you'll have another mild winter!)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

welcome back sweet lady! so happy you are settled on the other side of the trial... may God bless you in your new home! xoxo.