Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simply Saturday

Our time of house sitting comes to an end tomorrow. There have been some challenges but more blessings. It will be sad to go but I will be glad to see Hubby again. We have enjoyed this beautiful home. Kind of like staying in a resort for us. (Except no one to do the cooking and cleaning!) However, we have been treated to many wonderful meals and have been so many places that we had never seen before. Let's just say that we have been the recipients of some extreme family generosity.

Saying goodbye to my mom and dad was not easy tonight. To watch them be so feeble has been hard. I don't know how much longer my mom will remember who I am. Each time we visited her, she seemed to study my face more intently. This is something that I refuse to think too much about right now. I pray that God will bring my family through our immediate struggle soon so that my mother and I will have more visits while she still knows who I am.  

My dad can still care for himself so he lives in a different place. They are about 15 minutes apart and only see each other 2 - 3 times a week. At least they are able to see each other and my mother looks forward to Dad's visits. He doesn't hear or see much at all but has learned to cope. He still helps people do odd jobs where he lives. It is fun to hear people call his name to come and help them. I think that is what keeps him going.

We have had fun here and I have certainly enjoyed being back online. Tomorrow that will come to an end for a while. I will miss my blogging friends again but hope to be back soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
So happy to be able to link up with Carissa today!

#1 - I've said it before, but I can't help from repeating... Texas is HOT. Sweaty, stinky, nasty HOT. I'm still proud to be a Texan, though.

#2 - Pet birds are not my thing. There are times when it is pretty neat but other times when it's not (Like when you are watching a movie and they want attention so they squawk louder than the volume on the tube.) I think it must be like a grandchild... you know, love to care for them for a short period but then you can give them back.

#3 - Watching a storm come in on the lake is a lot different. The way the clouds build up and the lightning seems to go from God to the water is a sight to behold. To watch the rain come at you like a freight train is just... well... COOL. As long as you are safe indoors.

#4 - I have missed my ever-so-sweet blogging friends. It's amazing to have people praying for you that you have never actually met. To have their encouraging words and thoughtful insight is a blessing I won't ever take for granted.

#5 - Night lights are becoming a huge "like" for me. In this home there are unique lamps, lighted vases, and little nooks with overhead beams that sparkle through the dark. So soothing. Like a lighthouse for the sailor.

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Have a blessed day y'all!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

If Only...

House sitting is an unusual experience. You are in charge, but not "home". You have responsibilities, but they are different. The house noises are different too. We are adjusting, though. Not too hard to do in this mansion of a place on the lake.
If only...
there were no mosquitos,
a cool breeze blowing,
and a chef...
I guess that might be a little much. I can dream though, can't I?

We visited the coolest shopping place yesterday. It is like a little city in itself with plenty of unique eating places, quaint shops and some familiar but smaller chain stores. Hubby gets to come down and we plan to show him around and explore some more ourselves.
If only...
the wallet were as big as the eyes...
Hmmm. I'll leave this open ended.

I suppose I have been away from this Texas heat so long that I just am not adapting. I feel like I am going through menopause. Always hot and sweaty. Seriously, how do people do it?
If only...
I was a man...
I would get a buzz cut for sure.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot in July

Well, where should I begin? It's been so long since my last post, that I am not even sure I can remember what has happened... but there have definitely been some new experiences.

We were able to experience the 4th in small-town TEXAS. The drive down into my home state was a bit nostalgic. With  little fireworks stands scattered along the side of a 2-lane hilly road... just as the sun was beginning to set. Made me wish I was a photographer to catch small-town America.

We have been met with a few challenges... one shower for 6 people due to some plumbing issues, no cell phone service, no TV, and virtually no internet. Enough said. However, we have had gracious hosts as we wait for what God has planned. We know we are blessed to have somewhere to go.

Now, the girls and I are house sitting for a family member, and as I write, a conure sits on my shoulder bobbing up and down. "Skittles" has taken a shining to my James Avery necklace and is convinced he can take a bite out of it. Did you know that conures poop a lot? Even when sitting on your shoulder? Yep, when it is time to go, it is time to go. Ick! Not used to that. Never will be. At least he is a little thing.

Here, I am able to visit my aging parents. Normally it is only 2 - 3 times a year so this is a blessing. It is sad to see the changes in them. I know that it is all a part of this life, but to see their memories fade and their feebleness increase... well, it's a bit heartbreaking. So thankful for this time with them.

So, we are off to begin a new day here. One that won't be free from challenges I'm sure. (Did I say that it was hot-as-Hades down here?!) With God by our side, we will make it through. And will be stronger for it.

Bless you all~ 
I have missed you!