Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot in July

Well, where should I begin? It's been so long since my last post, that I am not even sure I can remember what has happened... but there have definitely been some new experiences.

We were able to experience the 4th in small-town TEXAS. The drive down into my home state was a bit nostalgic. With  little fireworks stands scattered along the side of a 2-lane hilly road... just as the sun was beginning to set. Made me wish I was a photographer to catch small-town America.

We have been met with a few challenges... one shower for 6 people due to some plumbing issues, no cell phone service, no TV, and virtually no internet. Enough said. However, we have had gracious hosts as we wait for what God has planned. We know we are blessed to have somewhere to go.

Now, the girls and I are house sitting for a family member, and as I write, a conure sits on my shoulder bobbing up and down. "Skittles" has taken a shining to my James Avery necklace and is convinced he can take a bite out of it. Did you know that conures poop a lot? Even when sitting on your shoulder? Yep, when it is time to go, it is time to go. Ick! Not used to that. Never will be. At least he is a little thing.

Here, I am able to visit my aging parents. Normally it is only 2 - 3 times a year so this is a blessing. It is sad to see the changes in them. I know that it is all a part of this life, but to see their memories fade and their feebleness increase... well, it's a bit heartbreaking. So thankful for this time with them.

So, we are off to begin a new day here. One that won't be free from challenges I'm sure. (Did I say that it was hot-as-Hades down here?!) With God by our side, we will make it through. And will be stronger for it.

Bless you all~ 
I have missed you!


Jules said...

That is so neat that you get to spend this time with them.

I don't know about the no cell phone or internet though. That would be tough.

He & Me + 3 said...

So are you saying he pooped on your shoulder? LOL So sorry about that. Glad you got to visit your parents. That is always special time.

partialemptynester said...

Welcome back!!!!!! You've been missed!!!!!! SO glad to hear you are still, I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever hear from you again, teehee!'s very hot down here in Texas!!! I tossed and turned all night last night just to wake up to a text my hubby sent after he'd gone to work to let me know that I needed to call the home warranty people and get an a/c repairman out here, pronto...yikes! We'll be without one in the bedrooms tonight, since he can't come out until tomorrow!! I think we'll be camping out in the living room!

How small a Texas town are you in? We spent the 4th in Granbury and we just love the nostalgia of the's just better celebrated in small towns! Enjoy your parents...I know what ya mean...a couple of weeks ago, I tried to stand on my dad's feet like I've always done (yes, even as an adult, I'm kind of a dork like that!) was so sad, he kinda jumped at the pain and I fell off his feet...we were both in shock that something we'd done my whole life, I wouldn't be able to do with him anymore :(

K...glad you're back, hope you can find more computer time for updates in between shoulder cleanings :)))

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i've missed you! i'm so impressed by your steadfast faith - the Lord is being glorified through your trial. enjoy every minute with your precious parents! praying for your sweet family.