Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hiatus again

Well, when I look at the last time I posted, I am amazed. It's been 3 weeks since I posted last and time has disappeared. Lots of changes with our family...

I thought I was going to finally get back to blogging with my HUGE number of followers. ;-) Thank you to the 4 of you that always prayed for me and stayed in touch. Anyway, I am going back to work (as of tomorrow) for the first time in about 7 years. Ugh. The feelings I have gone through over the last few weeks have been exhausting. Life is about to change. Again.

I am THANKFUL, but SAD, SCARED,  and a tiny bit excited. I was hoping I could stay at home another year since my youngest is a senior. But, with one in college and another on the way, it just isn't feasible. Gotta get more money coming in!

Maybe when we get in a groove after the new year, I will be back and can at least check in once a week or something like that. For now, I wish you all a

and a 


Vicki said...

Well... I'm thankful you found a job, but... I can empathize with the emotions you're experiencing. My prayer is that you will feel "significant" in your employment and that will lead you to feel "successful". Can't wait to hear about your adventures at work!

Ginger said...

I, too, can sympathize! I was just standing at my sink this morning wishing in some ways that I could be home at least part-time again, but I am thankful for my job!