Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello? 2011, are you out there?!

It's a new year and I am ready for some changes. Looking back at some pictures from high school and college, I am so glad I don't know "that girl" anymore. However, looking in the mirror, I don't think I like the woman that gazes back at me now. Why didn't I recognize the one I liked when I had her? Where is she now?

I know this difficult journey we have been on as a family has been for a reason. I obviously haven't been paying close enough attention. I certainly don't seem to have listened hard enough or gotten the message. We are still on the same journey. Nothing has changed in our situation. I don't think we have changed. I know that God allows changes to grow us. I'm afraid I haven't grown.

I have been pretty good at waiting patiently. I have learned that God's waiting room is quite full. There are many that wait. Some come and go. I am still here. Did I miss my number being called? I hope I didn't. I pray I didn't. I ask God on my knees to show me what I am missing. It is quiet. Maybe I just don't want to hear what He is trying to tell me...


partialemptynester said...

Oh my dear sweet Sunny Sue, sooo good to hear from you! I've missed you terribly!!! I love, love, love this post! How many of us feel this way at different points in our lives!? I'll pray you didn't miss your number being called and that when it is called you will hear it loud and clear!!! Come visit, I've changed :)))

Vicki said...

I don't really know your situation, but I can tell you that the details don't really matter. My husband and I went through a traumatic financial experience in late 2007, 2008, 2009. It was only in mid-2009 that God allowed things to start to turn around for us. I can't tell you how many times I said to myself and to others "it's gonna get better". Sometimes I believe it, sometimes I didn't, but I still clung to it. I don't believe you've missed God calling your number. I know it sucks, but just hang in there. You'll be glad you did in the long run, and the long run may be really long!