Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brain Blip

It is already Thursday and just last night I realized that Tips Tuesday slipped right by me. I didn't even think about it. Wow. Where have I been? Actually, I know what I've been up to... working on my new blog design with my design gal. :-) I will introduce you to her when she gets it up and running. Soon. Very soon.

In my search of a gazillion (yes, that's a word, I don't care who you are) blogs, looking for things I wanted to copy, I came across the CUTEST idea for a birthday party. You must check out this bumble bee party over at Design Dazzle and from there connect to the birthday girl's mom's blog for even more pics. I don't think I have ever seen such a fab celebration for a 3 year old.

Short post for today as I am off to finish the details that I need to send in to my design gal! ;-)


partialemptynester said...

HELLO! I TOTALLY noticed that Tips Tuesday slipped by (to be said in a sassy teenagey girl voice, that I know you must be familiar with, lol)! However, being the er, unselfish friend (ahem)that I am, I chose not to give you a hard time, bc I thought your computer might be packed away in a moving box or something ;) is a gazillion more or less that a kazillion (check out my post today, lol)? I agree, those are BOTH words, I don't care who you are, heeheehee!

Can't wait to see your new blog design!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Can't wait to see it....