Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tips Tuesday

Maybe someday soon, or let's just leave it at someday, I will get tips posted at the beginning of the day. At least that way they can actually be read on Tuesday instead of Wednesday!

Money saving tips for today:
  1) If you are a Wal-Mart shopper, look for the All You magazine at the checkouts. This little jewel is put out by Time Inc. (Time Magazine and People) and is chock full of coupons. The May issue has just over $90 worth of savings. Granted, you won't use them all, but the magazine only costs $2.49 and will easily pay for itself. Within the first few pages on the far left, there is a full list of all of the coupons. That way you can even check them out and decide if it's worth the purchase.

  2) Got a favorite scent to wear? Check and see if there is a body spray/mist in your fave smell. Many times a spray will cost up to half of the price of the cologne or perfume.

  3) Like to shop online? Make sure and look for coupon codes before making any purchases. Put those search engines to work and save up to 50%. The most common savings (that I have come across) are 15-20%. Hey, that will help with shipping! You can even find codes for free shipping with some companies.

You may not be a coupon shopper. I wasn't really until about the past 3 years. I struggled with the fact that I didn't want to keep track and it just seemed like too much trouble. Well, I can't say that I have gotten much better since I started (I waiver back and forth) but I am trying. I heard someone say once that not using a coupon is like throwing your money in the trash. Think about it this way... if someone gave you 50 cents, could you throw it away? Could you actually look at those 2 quarters and then put them in the trash? That, in essence, is what we are doing when we don't use coupons. Ugh. I think I will try harder.

Before closing, I feel the need (in case Hubby ever reads this blog) to insert an omission from yesterday's post.  I neglected to add that just after The Beast made its first appearance the other day, Hubby reached into his truck and pulled out a large bouquet of wildflowers. He had stopped to pick them before getting lost and losing his phone. When they first made their appearance they looked quite ragged. They had been riding in a truck for almost 5 hours without water. And now some crazy lady was spouting off at the mouth in their presence... I am happy to report that with a little TLC and proper burial (sink incinerator) of the less fortunate, I now have a beautiful bouquet of yellow and white wildflowers. That remind me of The Beast.


Cranberry Morning said...

Thanks for the reminder about coupons. I've a couple places online I always go to to print out their coupons (like 40%) before going to their store, but I really should make it a habit with any shopping. P.S. I love the new look of your blog.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i feel like a rockstar because i'm happy to report that i get "all you" (just for the coups!), i do the online coupon code thing and use body splash only. wow... this might mean i'm as cool as you!!! : )

partialemptynester said...

Oh, girl! I am all over coupons...I feel like I am giving death to something if I even think about trashing a coupon and if I see one that has expired, oh, I just get so sad! K, all that said, I do have to admit, I've never even noticed "all you" and I love Wal-Mart...I'll be looking for that next visit! K, and I love that hubby of yours even more now...that was SOOO sweeeet!!!

Proverb Mom said...

I am so proud of you for couponing!!!!!

partialemptynester said...

Hey!!! I'm not usually on at this time...I'm in the middle of fixin' dinner, but I gotta tell ya:
marshmallows in brown sugar really does keep it moist!! I just pulled out a handful to put in my steaming carrots, remembered your tip and checked both bags...there was a BIG difference!!!