Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I am linking up with Carissa because... well... she is one of my BBF's (best blog friend).

1) The moving boxes are late. Actually, Hubby and I had a little miscommunication. They are due to arrive today. Good thing. The clutter is bringing me down.

2) We've been hearing our neighbors on each side enjoy their pools. At what point does it become pool envy?

3) Watched the premier of "Design Star" last night with the whole family. Pretty disappointed in the white box challenge. However, this room was our favorite this season:
Tera Hampton's room

Past favorites:

Dan Vickery's box from Season 4
(our all-time fave) 

Todd Davis' box from Season 2
(our most creative vote)

4) We are needing to make a list of our creature comforts that we want to make sure and not pack in the POD. Excluding the obvious such as your bible and toiletries, what would be your Top 5?


Rachel said...

Love Design Star. I can't believe I missed it. I've been so busy. So I'm setting the dvr to record the rest and am going to find the old ones.

Pool envy? I get it. :)

Have a wonderful MoNDAY.


Barbie said...

Following you from the Monday Miscellany. Nice to meet you. We love Design Star, although I wasn't too impressed with last night's challenge. WE do feel the right person was let go. I would love to have a pool, but I would hate to have to clean it.

Have a great Monday!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i love being one of your bbf's!!! : ) you are the sweetest thing ever!

#1 - so glad the boxes are coming! i love how you wrote "down" ... yes, i'm a font nerd.

#2 - i'd want a pool too, just as long as i didn't have to clean it!

#3 - i couldn't believe how the gal who won the challenge threw her partner under the bus. she was a bit too confident! i wasn't really impressed yet with anyone.

#4 - that is a tough one! hmmm... i think there would be 25 things on my list! good luck, pretty lady!

have a wonderful week. hope the packing goes well! praying for all the transition.

Jules said...

I would totally have pool envy if both my neighbors had them and I had to listen to all the fun going on. I would just love a pool!

Deborah said...

My top 5 creature comforts would probably be:
a pen and my journal
my coffee pot
my camera
my 2 bed pillows that I sleep with
my chenille housecoat
(does our pets count???) Annie my cat.
(I guess that was six. :D
and definitely my bible and Bible books which would be number one on the list)
Praying for smooth sailing for you and the 'joy of the Lord.'

Krissy said...

We have pool envy too. We actually have one of those EZ Set pools that we havne't put up yet. We're always meaning to, just haven't gotten the chance!

I got your link from Monday Miscellany! I'm now following you and hope you can stop by my blog and read my Monday Miscellany too!

partialemptynester said...

Sounds like you just need to make friends with the neighbors ;)