Sunday, June 27, 2010

Questions for God

This topic has been on my mind for the last couple of days. I have come across things that make me wonder. Serious questions. Not serious topics. 

Such as these:
  1) Why on earth did You create mosquitos?

  2) And brown recluse spiders?

  3) Why am I so dad-gum stubborn?

  4) Why does so much hair grow in men's ears as they get older?

  5) Why don't they trim it?

  6) Why do paper cuts have to hurt so bad?

OK, here's just a small sampling of my questions I want to ask God when He calls me home. What are some of yours? No serious topics allowed! 
We have plenty of seriousness going on around us right now. So, this is meant to "lighten us up". If only for a few moments... 


Cranberry Morning said...

Why do weeds grow faster that flowers or vegetables?

Why do weeds manage to push up through an itty bitty crack in the asphalt while seeds that I purposely plant in expensive potting soil and tend carefully, struggle to survive???

Why does my stomach growl in church and only in church?

partialemptynester said...

Absolutely LOVE these questions...I think you should start a new meme entitled "Deep Theological Thoughts", lol! Love Judy's growling question, isn't that the truth?! here are a couple of my well-thought-out serious questions:

Why bunyans on the foot?

Why adult acne? Was it not enough to endure during the most insecure time in life, middle school...that it should crop up again in the newly-termed "periomenapause" ...seriously!?!

And to add to the "ear hairs"..."nose hairs", just the same, heehee!

These are serious questions that need to be addressed!!

Always such fun on Sunny Sue's blog!

Elz said...

Why does everything delicious have to be bad for you? Why can't cauliflowers taste like cupcakes?

Ginger said...

What is the purpose of a gnat? Or a fire ant???
Why can't broccoli smell like bacon frying?
And dozens of others unanswered questions.....! :-)