Monday, June 21, 2010

My Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Linking up with Carissa again this Monday :-)

1) Forgot to take pictures on Father's Day. Hate it when that happens! So, here's my answer:

This is 
the man,

who sat in
  this chair,

and opened
  these gifts.
(more on these another day)

But the favorite one
 might have been

2) Sheee's heeerrreee...

3) Disappointed again in Design Star this week. Nobody is standing out just yet. We are having a hard time finding someone to cheer for. Tera was a Southern gal but she's history. Now who will it be? Hmmm.

4) Having to pack away some of my faves...

my Kingsbury library

Check out Carissa's blog and some more miscellany from her friends!


Jules said...

Now that the POD is there, the work begins....

Cranberry Morning said...

I swear I have a pic of my son in law on that same lake, with that same cap, in that same pose, holding that SAME FISH!! ;-)

partialemptynester said...

Hey, there!! I came to see how you were doing with the award we rec'd from Cranberry Morning...she and I laughed about how great it is to get an award, but with "reward comes responsibility" :) I stayed up till 4:30AM last night to complete the assignment, lol! What with moving and Tips Tuesday that I noticed is not up ;), I'm thinking you have enough on your plate for me not to pester you about your 10 Things about Yourself list or 10 new blogs for us to check out, teehee!!! Oh, and that reminds me, a Top 10 list about ourselves is how I found you in the first place!! Awww, seems like we've been friends forever :)) Love your Father's Day picks, he's such a cutie, such a guy's guy...I hope you "let him out" of that estrogen-filled house of yours often enough :P