Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tips Tuesday

My tips for today are going to be for the dog lovers out there. I have always known that chocolate is bad/poisonous for dogs, but never really knew why. I also thought that was about the only thing. Well, apparently not. Here's an updated list of harmful foods for you to learn about.

1) Garlic and onions: damages their red blood cells which causes anemia.

2) Macadamia nuts: causes muscle and nervous system problems.

3) Avocados: cause damage to the heart muscle.

4) Grapes and raisins: damages their kidneys.

5) Bread dough: forms gas in their digestive tract and the fermenting yeast can cause alcohol poisoning.

6) Xylitol (in sugarless gum): lowers blood sugar levels because it increases insulin secretion.

7) Chocolate: stimulates the nervous system and heart.

All of these things typically cause vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. However, some of the more scary symptoms can be tremors, seizures and even comas. The reactions vary from item to item and dog to dog. Best advice... Keep out of the reach of dogs!


partialemptynester said...

Ask and you shall receive! Glad I asked you about Tips Tuesday...and what great tips I might add! We've never been ones to feed our dogs our food (our weimeraner has a really finicky tummy!), but we can't seem to get our lovely dog-lovin visitors to understand the dangers of feeding our dogs under the table! Thanks for arming me with the knowledge I can share with others! Praying that you're keeping your head above water during your move (what's the status on that? Are you moved in, just unpacking or are you still in the midst of moving?)

Cranberry Morning said...

Glad you posted those food warnings. So many people know nothing about dogs and treat them like animals! ;-) or, they think they are babying them by giving things that can actually harm them. In my house, there's no way that chocolate would be shared with my dog. I have a hard enough time sharing it with my family. :-)

Seriously, people need to be aware of these things and care about the needs of their dogs (and cats.)