Wednesday, March 3, 2010


As I made my way to pick up the girls... No, that's not quite right. Let me try again. As I TRIED to make my way to pick up the girls from school a few days ago, everywhere I turned another road was closed. Three attempts and one alley later, I made it. I proceeded through the parking lot only to see more orange cones. At least there was room to go around them this time. I maneuvered through to the end and... yep, more cones.

Since we have moved to Oklahoma we have been surrounded by orange cones. One might think that means we have good roads because they are almost always being worked on. I am here to tell you, just in case you have never driven through this (positive adjectives escape me) state, this must be the pothole/construction capital of the world. We have experienced many a frustrating day getting re-routed or postponed by construction.

This strip showed up in our local magazine and I LOVED it! I think it says it all. (click on it)

Just to clarify: Jenks is a sleeper community. EVERYTHING is off of Elm.

For the most part, the move here has not been particularly pleasant for any of us. Each one of us has gone through some tremendous struggles that have certainly left a mark or two. As I pondered that thought on that particular day, it dawned on me. That must be what God is doing with our family right now. He must be working on our "potholes".

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