Friday, March 12, 2010

No more hospitals, please!

After 2 months of pain and discomfort, Hubby went in to have a couple of kidney stones removed. In the Dr.'s words, he needed to "sneak, I mean, snake up in there and retrieve them". However, when the Dr. came to join me on the waiting couch, he said that things didn't go exactly as planned. Ugh. To be brief and not so specific... he couldn't get to them and had to put a stint in. Seriously? Yep. Just ask Hubby. We are praying those little suckers can swim out on their own now or he has to go through the sneaky thing again. They've got 2 weeks to vacate the premises! You are welcome to cheer with us... Go stones Go! Hey! Go stones Go!

Hubby did say that after my recent hospital stay and now his, he sure appreciates what those with ongoing health problems have to go through. Thank you, God, for our overall good health!

Tomorrow we hope to get another one of our babies back from the Toyota hospital, too.


shutters said...

Hope it comes out ASAP so there'll be no further sneaky snaking! I hear that stones can be unbearably painful.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So sorry to hear about Danny and I didn't know you had been in the hospital.....

Keep posting

Nezzy said...

This Ozarks farm chick will just add a prayer for Hubby and that the little suckers come out on their own, sounds painful!

God bless and you both take care from the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!