Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

As a teenager, I would have to say that I could hardly wait for Spring Break. As a mom, I look forward to not rising at 5:00 a.m. to ready myself for presentation to the outside world. If I could just get the members of our fur family to understand this concept. The internal clock of our pig (AKA - Abby, Schnauzer) doesn't understand Spring Forward or Spring Break. When the tummy growls, the snorts begin. If she was behind a fence, YOU would swear SHE was a pot-bellied pig. Then when you saw her, you would wonder why this pig has a dog face. Anyway, when she begins the call, the rest of her crew is not far behind. No sleeping in at our house. At least for the momma.

So, what to do? What to do? For Spring Break, that is. Hubby has not fully recovered from his invasive Dr. and when he does, it is back to work. The females will be holding down the fort. The task of entertainment has been left to "Older" and "Younger". (You can give me better suggestions anytime.) Of course, half the people they know are going on a cruise, a ski trip, or just a quick jaunt to Mexico. Their task seems to be a bit difficult to swallow without the option to book a flight.

This place is what they have come up with for one of our days. It seems to be quite popular with the locals and definitely a place fit for me. Wonder if they have Dublin Dr. Pepper? That will probably have to be another day. Our next stop will be one of our favorites. We have frequented this nightlife destination since we first became Oklahoma transplanted Texans. Pretty neat place to go and pretend like you are in San Antonio. When we visit, we NEVER pass up the opportunity to eat at our favorite burger place. This establishment's description may be a bit misleading for the girls in our crew. Unfortunately, we will be crossing the threshold without our fearless leader. Maybe we shouldn't tell him. The beer battered fries and onion rings are to die for. They may trudge through our veins, but it will be well worth it and we will pack in the fruit and veggies the next day.

Off we go...

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