Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where's my eraser?

Just this week I have seen an FB post, received an e-mail and had an experience with my oldest that have all reminded me of one thing. Boy, would I like to go back and erase some of the mistakes I made in high school. I am definitely not one of THOSE PEOPLE that say they wouldn't change a thing because it made them who they are today! I know that God is forgiving and that he uses our struggles to grow us, BUT... I am just sure I could have done without some of those choices I made. :-)  Oh, how I would love to use my Pink Pearl from elementary school.

It pains me to think about hurtful words I may have said. I use "may have" because by now, I certainly don't remember them all. But I can imagine. (Now that I am a bit wiser.) A sharp quip here or a painful jab there. Where was the duct tape when I needed it?! There are definitely a few things that come to mind. May I just say... If you are someone that I said or did something hurtful to, would you please accept my big Pink Pearl eraser?

Now, I'm off to hopefully help my teens keep from making some of the same mistakes. That is if anything will sneak in to their brains before the "talk to the hand" eye roll.

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great post and a reminder to all of us..