Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tips Tuesday

So excited about the tips I have to share today. I am branching out and going to list 7. Woohoo!

Kind of gross to think about this first one but we will end on a good note. I'm just sure of it.
1. You know we have always been told when flying out of the states... Don't drink the water. This also applies to water on airplanes. When it was tested, one in six planes tested positive for E. Coli. Ick! Wonder what that means about washing your hands in that tiny closet thing with a toilet of sorts?

2. Before washing your socks, safety pin them together and there will never be missing socks coming out of the dryer. Or you could do like this man and number your pairs with a sharpie. Seriously.

3. Since Easter is fast approaching, use rubber bands to wrap around your hard boiled eggs before dying. You come out with some pretty cool stripes.

4. Spring is here and outside time with family is a must. If you find that there are ants wanting to join your party, pour boiling water down into the anthill. No description needed as to what will happen to the ants. Much safer than pouring gas on them and lighting them on fire. Yes, Hubby used to do that. Ugh.

5. After washing a head of lettuce, you can place it in a clean lingerie bag (one kept just for this purpose). Go outside and practice your windmill. If you want to get real creative, you can pretend you are going to throw a javelin (for goodness sakes, don't let go!) or work on some leg & booty firming squats. That would make it fun, right? Then your lettuce will be dry and ready for a salad.

6. Before mixing that to-die-for batch of cookies, spray your beaters with cooking spray. It keeps the batter from clinging and keeps your family members healthier by not having as much raw dough to eat off of the beaters.

7. If you don't have one of those cute little terra cotta things to put in your brown sugar to keep it soft, just throw in a few marshmallows. Moist every time.

Hope somebody learned something today!

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partialemptynester said...

Omgosh, love it, love it, love it! Before I even posted a comment I ran right into my kitchen, grabbed a couple of "smarshmallows" (as we've called them now ever since my daughter, now in junior high, named them when she was itty bitty teenighnsie!) and threw them into one of my brown sugar bags...I'm going to check both bags after some time has passed and see how they compare...too fun! And I'm making chicken ceasar salad for dinner tonight, absolutely canNOT wait to treat my romaine lettuce like a javelin...and booty exercises are always in order, so I hope there is no one out back to watch me dry my lettuce! You would laugh if you watched me read your tips...I'm like oohing and aahing and nodding, mmHmm over them, lol! I LOVE Tips Tuesday!