Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where did the time go?

As we near the end of Spring Break, I wonder to myself that old and overused, "Where has the time gone?''. I know that the teens are wondering the same. But, in a different way. Something to the effect of "Sure wish we could have gone to the beach," or "Why did everybody go on a vacation except us?". Oldest actually said yesterday (after our 2nd all day shopping trip), "We should have made t-shirts that say, 'I don't want to hear about your Spring Break'". Ugh.

So, we may not have made any fantastic memories, but we did have a little bit of fun. (I am forbidden to use any photos without prior approval from the teens, and they are still snoozing. Maybe I can get away with these.)

This was our trip to Pops that I spoke about earlier in the week. It is on the infamous Route 66 and out in the middle of nowhere. This 66 ft. (no coincidence, I'm sure) sculpture is a pretty cool sight to see. We arrived at straight up noon and the wait for a burger was an hour and a half. Needless to say, I cannot give you a critique on the food.

We decided we would just "take in" the experience and pick out some special (wait for it...) pops. Growing up a Texan, any carbonated drink is a Coke. Then you can ask what kind of Coke. Such as Dr. Pepper. I still hold on to that and have tried to impress it on the teens. At this place, that just won't work. They are pops, plain and simple.

Well, not exactly. There are 500 to choose from. Not from these beautiful rainbow displays but from regular convenience store coolers. Would have taken a picture of them but there were solid lines of folks stalking the treasure. About 5 people deep. Not an easy task to get your hands on one of those babies.

After picking out one for ourselves (mine was Dublin Dr. Pepper), we decided to pick out a six pack to take home and share with Hubby. We walked away with: a Route 66 root beer, some kind of orange, a Ski citrus drink, a Red Rock cola, a Vernor's ginger soda, and a Faygo vanilla cream. We chose them for the variety and their bottles. Only 3 have been tapped into thus far. Let's just say that after tasting the Vernor's and Faygo, they got a taste of our kitchen sink drain. The teens said they brought back painful memories of Tamiflu and cough syrup. I thought I was going to be sick on the spot! At lease we made a memory. :-) Oh, and that is Buddy in the picture. We gave him to Hubby when the teens were young-uns to take with him on business trips. We thought we would take him along for the ride since Hubby was still home nursing his stones.

Will have to save the rest of our OKC day for the next post. I must go now to view the sleet that is falling. It is supposed to precede 4"- 8" of snow. Yep, you got it. The last day of winter in the Tulsa area was in the 70's and the first day of spring will be in the 30's. Whether you believe God is sending it or merely allowing it, he did create it and I marvel at his creativity!

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