Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aren't weekends the best?!

I must admit... I have enjoyed a relaxing Saturday. For the past 3 weekends, we have had something going on that required getting ready and leaving the house. Today... not so much. I have at least accomplished some laundry and dishes, but for the most part I have taken it easy. This is not something that I allow myself to do very often because I usually make myself feel guilty over not working on one thing or another. Before anyone feels the urge to tell me how wrong that is... I know, I know. I have tried to tell this stubborn self of mine many times. More times than I can count. Still working on it. A bit of success today. :-)

I am trying to read up on this blogging thing. Since it is still very new to me and I have the ole basic Blogger template, I must read. And read. And read some more. Being a scrapbooker, (or cropper, or scrapper, whatever you want to call it) I LOVE scrapbook paper. I mean L.O.V.E. it. Today I spent a lot of time investigating digital kits. My, oh my. Chills, I tell ya. Chills. When I find just the right papers that have all of the embellishments to match in colors that I love... my heart actually starts beating faster. I think it must be like a shoppers "high". I get so excited that I can barely contain myself.  Luckily no one was watching. I absolutely fell head over heals with this beautiful kit. The colors, the flowers, the ribbons... pure happiness. This colorful, cute thing made me wish my big girls were still small. One more favorite I just have to share because of my love of snowmen (more on that later this year) is this to die for kit. Seriously? If I wasn't sitting, I would be weak in the knees. I can't share my all time fave just yet. Hopefully you will see it before too long as it adorns my new blog design.

So, I'm off to discover more beauties. Perfect ending to a really nice day.

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