Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just a bit random

Well, I promised Easter pics but something is a little screwy and iPhoto won't read the CD. Will have to work on that one.

If you have read my blog at all, you know that I love Canada geese. I actually have always called them Canadian geese until I did a dab of research. Fifteen minutes tops. Learned to drop that "n". Canadian still sounds better, doesn't it? Anyway, yesterday as I was driving down the turnpike, 2 of these beautiful creatures flew right in front of me. It was breathtaking. Thank you God.

Watched American Idol tonight and almost threw a hissy fit. Big Mike (my fave) got the fewest votes. So glad that the judges used their one and only "save". I was about to be done. Seriously. Done. Don't reckon one less viewer would have done them much harm. Guess I may have to start voting next week.

Oh, and good gravies! How on earth is Victoria's Secret getting away with "The Nakeds" commercial? It is pure pornography. Don't you think? My, oh my.

Tomorrow I am going to share some blogs that I enjoy. Off to bed...

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partialemptynester said...

My something new for the day...Canada Geese...I'm with you, tho, Canadian Geese sounds better!

As far as, the VS commercials: I hear ya, sistah, preach on!! I've become pretty nerdy about tv in my "old age", lol...and it's more bc of the commercials than any of the shows, honestly...anything I watch these days is from the DVR, so I haven't even seen most of the commercials out there, I just fast forward right thru them!

And I'm so sad...I've only watched one show this season of AI. It's hard to DVR that one and get into it after the fact, since everyone talks about it and I know each week's outcome...with the Olympics still going at the start of AI's season, I just never connected...