Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My new favorite thing...

Before I can post anything else, I must tell you about my new fave. B-l-o-g-g-i-n-g. More specifically... making blogging friends. Just yesterday I commented on a blog, expecting nothing in return. Not only did I get something in return... but 2 sweet somethings! Words of encouragement from 2 wise women that I may have never met in person but that have blessed me beyond measure.

Let me begin with the first one. This beautiful woman is wise beyond her years. Her love of Jesus is contagious and her gift of words is both encouraging and inspiring.  I look forward to reading about her "lowercase letters" each day. What a blessing she is. Living her life for Jesus.

The next words of encouragement came from another beautiful woman with a smile that must light up Texas. I have talked about her perspective before because she has challenged me on more than one occasion to see things differently. To celebrate and cherish our time with family. In the little things. Those things that are gifts from God.

So, I say "Thank you, ladies" for taking the time to encourage me and enrich my life. May God bless you both tenfold.


partialemptynester said...

Omgoodness, you sweet friend...and likewise! You have encouraged me, as well! Ain't bloggin just the bees' knees (never really have understood that saying, but it's a good one, alright!) Praying for you today!

Katie said...

This Bloggy world we play in is a Wonderful One! Full of Encouragement and Inspiration in so many ways and just wait until you meet a Blog Friend in Real Life, it's Awesome!

I'm doing a Blog Giveaway this morning, come check it out and put yourself in the drawing!

Happy Hump Day

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

you are so kind and thoughtful!!! thank you oh so much for taking the time to mention me. i must admit... i think i blushed a bit (or a whole lot) while reading! you've been on my heart and will continue to be in my prayers!